City of Lamar, Annual Building Department Summary


New House Under Construction Along South 14th Street

The total value of construction for the City of Lamar in 2011 totaled $4,572,431 according to a summary filed by the Code Inspector’s office.  One new home, the first for Lamar in several years, is currently under construction. Permits were issued for one single new garage and four for carports; three permits for manufactured homes; 36 for miscellaneous building permits and two each for new commercial and for industrial buildings. 

Various permit fees paid to the City of Lamar for construction was $87,423 

The monthly breakdown on Residential Construction Values is as follows: 

          January            $129,395                   July                        $910,000

          February          $  64,250                    August                   $121,867

          March               $  10,778                     September            $337,890

          April                  $145,904                    October               $1,374,897

          May                  $223,600                     November          $1,144,000

          June                 $  76,250                     December              $  33,600


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