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This week we spotlight My Wholesale Products at 105 South Main Street in Lamar, owned and operated by Shirley Smith.

My Wholesale Products has been in business since2004. Shirley Smith, born and raised in Lamar, purchased it a year ago. I carry quality products at good prices, most of them below discount store prices. If an item is not in stock, I can usually have it in 3-5 days. Can’t find and item? Call me. I can special order a wide variety of products.

50% of my new customers comment, “I have never heard of this business and didn’t even know it was here.” I would like to change that. There are three questions that I am always asked.

1. Where is My Wholesale Products? 105 South Main or two doors north of Daylight Donut.

2. Do I have to have a business to buy from My Wholesale Products? NO. Anyone can purchase merchandise.

3. What do you sell at My Wholesale Products? That is a good question. I wish there was enough time and space; I have thousands of items in inventory. Following are some of the items:

With all the ice and snow, you need Near Zero ice and snow melt. It is all natural; will not harm pets, grass, flowers, pavement or concrete. It comes in 50lb bags for the crazy, low price of $11.99.

My store carries a full line of janitorial supplies and cleaning products. Some of which are quality dry and wet mops and buckets, brooms, and push brooms. Johnson Diversity /aka/ Butchers and Pur-O-Zone Ultra Care floor stripper, sealer, wax, cleaner and conditioners. Hillyard hard wood floor products. Also carrying an exclusive line of Spartan commercial grade carpet extractor, toilet bowl cleaners, high grade degreasers, disinfectants and sanitizers. Several brands and grades of toilet tissue and dispensers. Several brands and sizes of hand soaps and sanitizers, also dispensers.

Hand towels, dispensers and kitchen towels. Industrial strength wipes for cleaning or for the shop in a box or on a roll. You can buy my products by the case or individually; the price is the same.

Restaurant supplies range from 18” heavy- duty foil and plastic wrap to all sizes and types of cups, paper, Styrofoam, translucent and hard plastic. Straws, to-go containers and wrappers of all shapes and sizes are available in Styrofoam, paper and plastic. Pop corn bags, serving gloves, metal and plastic utensils.

Many different napkins and napkin dispensers are available. Select from our assortment of plates, bowls, lunch trays, and placemats. Foil steam pans. Grill bricks, cleaners, shiners, disinfectants and degreasers. Many more items are available.

My Wholesale Products also carries a line of disposable gloves, by the case of 1000, or a box of 100. Latex is the most popular glove. We also stock vinyl for those with lattes allergies. The Nitrile glove is the strongest.

My party supplies have done quite well. I carry plates of all sizes and shapes, bowls and cups. All are hard plastic and come in a variety of colors, but clear is the most popular. I have every color of vinyl table covers. I also carry rolls of white, paper and plastic.

Ozium is an amazing product. It will take bad odors out of most anything. We have used it to remove odors such as skunk, burnt smells, mold and mildew, and even smell y foot odor for home or locker room.

My Wholesale Products is proud to be the only store in Colorado authorized the offer the Ultimate Scraper. It is an amazing item. It is constructed of hardened steel which sharpens itself the more it is used. You can use it to remove ice, snow, mud, grain residue, flooring and anything else that needs scraped.

I also stock commercial laundry and dishwashing supplies and chemicals. Several different products are in the store to remove hard water and lime deposits. They work very well.

Are you paying someone to stand and shred documents? Secure shredding is available at very reasonable prices.

In one visit, you’ll discover many more items in stock at My Wholesale Products. Deliveries are free and we make weekly trips to Wiley, Granada, Holly and Springfield. Call me at 719-336-0661. Hope to hear from you.

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