Mystery Alarm at Community Building


Emergency Officials Respond to LCB Alarm

Shortly before 1pm, Sunday, December 18, the Lamar Fire and Police Departments responded to an alarm at the Lamar Community Building.  Police Cruisers blocked traffic along the 600 block of South 6th Street in front of the building while fire department crews responded to the alarm.   

Fire Chief Marshall Cook said a smoky area was noticeable in the southeast hallway, but no real smoke was apparent, nor was there any indication of burning, even with the department’s infrared detection device.  Cook said even with extra oxygen available to the area, no burning was ever evident from wiring or potential hot spots such as electrical equipment.  As a precaution, crews ventilated the hallway and the smoke-like substance cleared out of the area.  Cook said that a cleaning crew had used a buffer on the floor of the basketball court following the Holiday tournament from the weekend, but could not tell if the chemicals used caused the smoke alarms to trigger.

by Russ Baldwin


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