To the Citizens and Voters of Prowers County

These numbers provide true and accurate details as to what needs to happen in our School District – CHANGE. I said it many times over the course of the last few weeks, I absolutely have nothing against Mr. Medina and would rather have not had to run against him; there are other seats that need replaced, this just happened to be the one in my district. I wish Mr. Medina the best over the next four years, he knows full well what is in store for him, the board, and the district. He has a good heart, good head, and a vested interest in our schools and community.

Even though I am not on the school board, I am still going to ask, no, demand positive changes in our educational system. As a parent, my children deserve it. As the husband of a teacher, my wife and the education that she worked hard for, deserves it. As a community member, my community deserves and should demand it.

I would, however, issue a challenge to Lamar School Board members, a challenge like no other and one that I feel certain that if you as elected members care enough about or schools, our children, and our teachers, that you will embrace full on. These are things that were in me to do if I had been elected.

The Challenge

1. Eat the food that you as board members question so often each month.

Take it upon yourselves, it is your obligation to do so, to eat at the schools. Do so unannounced, with the students in the lunchroom. Get to know the kids and what they have to say about what is being put on a tray in front of them.

2. Spend time in each school each month.

It is your duty to know what is happening in those schools without listening to a biased Principals report. I would add that your presence should be required at a mandatory number of school functions as well.

3. Take control and responsibility for your decisions

As the elected officials for Lamar School District, you are ultimately the deciding in factor in who is in charge of each school, each classroom, and each department. You are also responsible for the end results. Live up to it. Set some ground rules that have no grey area. Either hit the mark or hit the road.

There is no time left for failure, no time for trial and error, and no time for egos and pride. Being on our School Board should not be to “put another feather in your cap”; it should be because you see the need for change, the need for growth, and have a desire to make those things happen.

The cuts are coming and you will have some big decisions to make. Cuts need to come from the top down. They should not come at the expense of our students and the education they deserve. Cuts should come at the administrative levels, not the educational levels! When considering what “pork” there is in our system, consider top wage earners- if they really want to do what they are doing and honestly care about helping our students and our system- they will work through pay cuts. Otherwise, let’s start rebuilding at those levels. We have suffered enough over the last year by losing some excellent teachers due to cuts. Our children are feeling the effects, but, you as board members need to be present in the classrooms to understand this. The rumors are already rippling through Lamar, talking about cutting woodshop and Arts programs, closing another elementary school, moving grades up. These types of changes, if true, would devastate the core of our educational system. But, these are decisions that YOU have to make.

To this amazing community, we should all become more involved. It is, after all, “OUR” community and we do have a reason to care…1,666of them by CDE website count.

At this point, to all who voted, “Thank you”, whether you voted for me or not; those votes show that you do care. I appreciate all of the interest in my run for a position on the Lamar Re-2 School Board and hope that there are more willing to run for these positions in the next election.

To all in this amazing County,

Monty Thompson
1301 South 6th St.
Lamar, Colorado 81052


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