PMC Opens Cardio Rehabilitation Department

Cardio Exercise Equipment at PMC

Prowers Medical Center continues to expand their cardio departments with the opening of the Cardio Rehabilitation Department this week.  Last year, PMC opened their pulmonary rehabilitation department for area patients.

The Rehabilitation Department offers a twelve week program, initiated by a cardiac patient’s physician.  The out-patient program seeks to stabilize, slow and hopefully reverse the progression of some forms of cardiac disease.  Toni Rohr, the department’s cardiac rehab RN, says one of the hardest parts of a follow up program to a cardiac event, is for a patient to try to maintain a regularly scheduled program on their own.  “Sometimes it’s more difficult for a patient to attempt an exercise program all by themselves,” Rorh said.  The PMC setting offers various exercise machines in a group setting, monitored by on-site nurses.  A schedule can be developed over the twelve weeks that accommodates the patients own needs.  The other advantage to the pulmonary and cardio rehab programs is that they’re local.  In the past, patients would have to travel out of the Arkansas Valley to find the same type of program that’s now available in Lamar.  Rohr said the closest, similar, program is in Pueblo. 

One other cardio-related facet that will become locally available is the pacemaker clinic that is being finalized.  PMC Cardio-Pulmonary staff is working with Dr. Gustafson, visiting cardiologist, to set up an outpatient pacemaker clinic at the hospital.  

By Russ Baldwin


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