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This week we spotlight Inches A-Way & MakeScents at 201 South 4th in Lamar, owned and operated by Shannon Venturi & Candace Zordel.

Inches A-Way partnered up with and brought in MakesScents to open in the spring of 2010 on Main Street in Lamar, Colorado, after moving from its earlier location in Granada. In September 2011 we moved to our present location, 201 South 4th Street in Lamar, one block east of Main Street. We are on the corner of Olive and 4th.

What is Inches A-Way and what does it have to offer you? We are your answer to a comfortable form of exercise that will not exhaust you. It is ideal for women and men with limited mobility, muscular problems or diseases, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and arthritic issues.

Our toning tables use motorized equipment that exercise and stretch the muscles in the body. They often are used for rehabilitative purposes or as an exercise program for senior citizens and others who have difficulty doing traditional exercise programs. They are likened to calisthenics, only motorized, and you can attain natural joy, well-being and wellness – without strenuous effort, pain or hours of exhausting exercise. The tables exert the body’s natural stretch reflex. Every muscle automatically reacts when it’s stretched out, whether done so through nerve signals from the brain, or from outside equipment. By taking your body repeatedly through the motions of normal exercise, toning tables improve overall strength and motor response, even in the absence of the machine. So, by doing assisted toning table sit-ups, you are improving your body’s ability to do real sit-ups by strengthening the same muscle group. Some reported benefits of using toning tables are increased muscle tone, corrected posture, lost inches around the waist, increased strength and flexibility and reduced cellulite.

By contrast, critics say the machines do not provide an aerobic workout; as with any exercise program, the benefits and results can depend on the amount of persistence and effort a person puts into it.


We have seven tables that operate on timers. You lay on the tables either on your stomach or back, depending on what area needs the most work, and the table will move you with minimal effort on your part. You can feel the stretching and flexing of your joints and muscles as the table moves in a constant motion. Within a few minutes you will be in a relaxed state of being, thus our motto is “No Pain”. Muscle strength is gained through isometrics on each table.

We say, “Give us 35 minutes of your day and we can make you feel so much better.” The tables can ease arthritis pain, increase joint movement, improve sleep and the biggest benefit we offer is stress relief. Oh yes, another added benefit to the program is inch loss. We offer two exercise programs that fit anyone’s schedule: a 35 or a 70 minute workout.

Many people simply enjoy using the toning tables as another form of exercise in their wellness program. The tables do not increase the heart rate or raise the blood pressure, so we encourage clients to continue their regular cardio program.

Experts say the 70 minute workout, done once per week, is equal to fourteen hours of regular exercise, but you are not sweating and you will not have the muscle strain, soreness or fatigue that goes with an aerobic workout. Your knees, back or feet will not hurt one bit. But if you wish to increase muscle mass you can resist the moving pads on the machines and this will help build your muscles and help burn fat. We can tailor your exercise program to fit your needs and abilities. Our tables are also Chiropractor and Cardiologist approved.

The exercises can be done in street clothing, eliminating the need to buy expensive exercise workout clothes. All we require is comfortable clothing with no rivets or embellishment to damage the table surface and you should wear socks. Shorts are not allowed. Little to no sweating occurs, so there usually is no need to take a shower after exercising and therefore it’s ideal for a lunch hour workout. We are open Tuesday – Friday 9am – 6pm, appointments are appreciated, and Saturday by appointments only by calling 719-691-5592. Our toning rates start at $10 for 35 minutes and $15 for 70 minutes, but check with us we have specials running all the time for bundle packs. You pay as you go, we do not require a membership fee.

Stop by Inches A-Way at 201 South 4th and see what all the toning is about. Like us on Facebook and watch our video to see how the tables operate, we are always posting information and specials weekly.

Another aspect to our business is MakesScents by Candace Zordel. Candace makes 32 different products and has 100 different scents to put into body care, home care and aromatherapy products. She makes her own body and candle products right here in Lamar, Colorado. Whether it is air fresheners, lotion candles, tealights or her customized body products, she makes them right here inside the store. MakesScents is unique because everything can be personalized; with any product you can add up to three different scents to make it your very own special scent. Candace can also bring MakesScents into your home for a party, or have a Cyber Space Show. Stop by MakesScents at 201 S 4th, Lamar, Colorado to design your own scent or for help with fundraising ideas with her products.

Inches A-Way is a small business owned and operated by two local women that ask you to shop at home first whether it is Holly to Wiley and all locations in between, please check at home first before you click your mouse or travel up the road. Maybe we have what you are looking for and you just didn’t know it until you looked at our local merchants first.

Gift Shoppe
When you walk into our door you are treated to our “Gift Shoppe” full of homespun items made by local crafters. We believe in helping our local economy, home based businesses and shopping at home first; so we have incorporated home crafters into our business. We rent shelf or floor space to any crafter that would like to display their items in a store front. We give them the benefit of a store without the overhead. When you want that homemade gift for that special someone for the holidays or every day, come in and see what our crafters have to offer you. We are proud to say, “Made in Lamar, Colorado”. We have blankets, wood items, kitchen items, aprons, pillows, baby blankets and headbands, totes, scarves and much, much more.

We also offer our back room for home based businesses to have shows when they don’t want to have it in their own home or live too far out for customers to travel. Call for more information 719-691-5592.

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