Candy Ruedeman Responds to Recall Declaration

 The following is a letter from Prowers Medical Center board member, Candy Ruedeman in response to the recall petition declaration issued from the Prowers County District Court on Thursday, August 25, 2011: 

“I would like to take this opportunity to address the items mentioned in a filing at the District Court on August 25, 2011. 

First of all, please understand that I opted to run for election to the Board of Directors at Prowers Medical Center because I had something to offer.  I have been a Registered Nurse for forty-four (44) years.  I have clinical experience, management experience, and years of practice in the field that can prove to be a benefit to a hospital. 

One item states that I used my position on the Board to “coerce a private meeting with the Hospital Board and the Lamar City Council, without the presence of the hospital’s attorney in regards to a decision the Board as a whole had already decided on.”  I believe this is in reference to the IGA.  When it was first brought to the attention of the Board, I did ask to have Ron Stock and/or Bill (then assistant City Administrator) come to a Board meeting to present the City’s point of view.  A big part of my responsibility as a Director is to understand on what I am being asked to vote.  In that area I felt it was important to hear both sides.  This subject has come up many times in Board meetings, and I do ask for more information.  I made no reference as to whether the hospital attorney should be present or not.  I really only wanted all the facts in order to make an informed decision.  The fact that my husband is a City Councilman does not enter into this equation at all as was stated in the initial filing. 

I have business at Prowers Medical Center, therefore, perhaps I am there more than other Board Members.  If they do not have time to stop by and see the changes that are being done it is a shame, but I have the opportunity to see the new VA waiting area, the new imaging equipment, etc.  I work with Hilton C. Ray, MD in the process of closing his private practice.  At times that requires that I talk to him or that I have to ask a Prowers Medical Group or Prowers Medical Center employee (those that work with confidential information) to copy encounter forms.  These are forms that are used when the patient is seen by a provider, and occasionally I need copies of the ones from the private practice office to address insurance/billing questions.  Assisting Dr. Ray has nothing to do with my position as a PMC Board Member. 

Now the last statement seems to suggest that I “acted as a clinic employee.”  Employee denotes payment.  I did help Dr. Ray with Boy Scout physicals earlier this summer.  I have helped with these for years.  I have watched some of the boys grow up.  I volunteered my time to help him with this process.  These gentlemen want to go to camp!  We did over twenty (20) camp physicals in a little over two (2) hours; other PMG employees where there the whole time.  Oh, by the way, I don’t know where the “confidential information” is kept. 

I ran for the Board because I felt I had something to offer, and I still feel that way.  I have lived in this community for twenty-nine (29) years.  We all need an excellent healthcare facility for many reasons.  I just want to contribute.” 

Candy Ruedeman, RN


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