School Registration is Underway for the New Year


Registration Line Up

The parents of juniors and seniors were mostly smiling as they stood in line at the Lamar Community Building, waiting to register their kids for another school year.  “This may be the last year I ever have to do this,” they probably said to themselves as they inched another step forward to the gymnasium.   

The thoughts of parents of younger children were probably much different, as in, “I’m gonna have to do this for another ten years!” or, “Next year he/she is going to handle this chore.” 

Despite the fact that there was a line extending from the front of the community building’s south entrance into the gym, it was moving quickly as initial forms were handed out, or handed in, and parents and kids went to their respective schools. 

This is the third year that registration has been moved to the Lamar Community Building instead of each of the schools in the District.  With the High Plains Clinic and Partners for Hope and other related organizations all on one floor in one building, the work progressed smoothly.  Parents can also opt to download a registration form from the school district’s website and have most of it filled out before registration day. 

Now all that’s left is the final, traditional buying of the clothes and school supplies.  Classes begin for Wiley on August 17, Lamar and Holly on August 18 and on the 22nd for Granada’s first full day.

By Russ Baldwin


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