The Stars Are Waiting

Young Girl Launches Planets into Orbit

Computer Terminal for Space Storm Observation

Roaming the Heavens at Lamar Library

Computer Generated Storms in Outer Space

Photos by Russ Baldwin

America’s space program may be on hold while the final shuttle craft, Atlantis, orbits the earth.  But a new crop of future astronauts can get a feel for outer space with a visit to the new program at the Lamar Library this summer. 

Lamar Librarian, Debra Reynolds explained that the Space Science Institute of Boulder has loaned four computers to the Lamar Library until September.  Each computer kiosk allows a user to view a specific segment of information about outer space, including the effects of Space Storms and how affect one another through gravitational attraction and centrifugal force.    This computer employs a touch screen computer through which a user can ‘launch’ suns, planets, comets and asteroid belts into orbit around each other.  The spinning planets can either spin off into space, crash into the sun, or establish a permanent orbit around the sun until a new planet starts to affect its location. 

Reynolds said  the library recently had 45 attendees on Monday night, July 11, to observe the heavens with CSU Astronomy instructor, Mike Bosley.  Bosley’s computerized telescope was put through its paces that evening as people got a chance to get close up views of the moon and even focus in on the planet Saturn that night.  Reynolds said the computers are free to use and will be at the library for the next two months.  Additional information about the programs are available at

By Russ Baldwin


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