Here Today, But Going, Going, Gone

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The two houses adjacent to Koeller’s car wash operation on South Third Street in Lamar are being demolished today, July 19. They’re coming down to make room for two additions to the car wash owned by Glen Koeller. Koeller approached the city’s Planning and Zoning Board last month to rezone his property from R-2 Residential, to C-2 Commercial and a public hearing was held. He displayed plans to raze the buildings and replace one house with an automatic car wash bay and the other with a self-service unit. He told the board a line of cars, waiting to use the car wash, can develop in front of other houses along the street, and believed the new additions would shorten lines and allow for quicker service. He stated at the time, that the houses would probably remain unused if the rezoning request was denied.

Four residents of South Third Street spoke in opposition of the proposed development, stating the current noise from the car wash operation was bothersome and the additions will place the business even closer to their houses. Two letters from other residents with similar concerns were read during the hearing.

Zoning Board member, PJ Wilson said the neighbors expressed legitimate concerns, and asked the Koeller’s to see if they could come up with an acceptable plan for neighborhood noise abatement which would be acceptable to the residents. Koeller said last week, he plans to build a fence providing a form of noise abatement for the car wash operation. He stated there is a fencing material that can be used to reduce noise levels and was going to learn more about it.


By Russ Baldwin


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