Last Day of School

Tug of War-Girls

Tug of War-Boys

Alta Vista Charter School students observed their last day of school with an early morning movie at the Lamar Theater and play time at Willow Creek Park.

Alta Vista administrator Talara Coen accompanied kids, parents and teachers to the park to wrap up the last day of the school year on Wednesday, May 25. Coen said the renovation construction company was happy to see the kids depart, even to the point of being out of classes Wednesday, as they wanted to get to the renovation project inside the main building. Work will get underway shortly on the library, now that classes are through for the summer.

For the past several months, the $5 million renovation and restoration project at Alta Vista has confined itself to outside expansion, adding a full gymnasium and several other smaller units to the main building. It’s hoped that all will be on schedule for an almost brand new facility for Alta Vista students by the time the new school year starts in August.

By Russ Baldwin

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