Lamar Retail Trades Plans for Summerfest/LCC Fall Students

Retailers and vendors need to sign up at the Lamar Chamber of Commerce for booth space for the June 4 Summerfest. Sidewalk sales and downtown entertainment events are being planned by the Lamar Retail Trades committee for that Saturday, from 10am to 4pm. Any retailer, or civic or social organization, should contact the chamber at 336-4379 to reserve a booth.

Kelly Emick and Adriana Tucker from Lamar Community College discussed involving Lamar merchants in a Community Expo for this August at the LCC Wellness Center. The Expo would help introduce incoming freshman, transfer students and parents to Lamar and to the business community as well. There is no charge for the 8’ by 8’ booth space for the August 19 event which begins at 11am. Each entry uses a six foot table and electricity will be available, but only on a limited basis. Approximately 150 to 200 students will be on hand for the Expo, and as Emick and Tucker explained, the LCC student population contributes a significant percentage of annual revenue to local businesses. The college felt an Expo of this nature would be an excellent opportunity to introduce new student residents to area retailers. Kim Bright, Dean of Student Services, has registration information and can be reached at 336-1589. On a related matter, Emick reaffirmed the bi-annual historic encampment held at LCC would be held September 30 and October 1 this year.

Shoplifting is increasing in Lamar. Some retailers said they have noticed an increase in their stores, and urged store owners to prosecute the thieves. Skip Corley of the Main Street Shoppe said some shoplifters are not spontaneous, but have mapped out how they approach a store. Corley said shoplifters, acting in a group, will ask questions of clerks at the same time to distract the ones grabbing the goods. He suggested owners should keep each other informed on current thefts. A brief discussion also followed on revamping the Retail Trades ‘call tree’ which keeps chamber members informed of meetings and future activities. The next Retail Trades meeting will be held June 8 at Noon at the Lamar Chamber offices.

By Russ Baldwin

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