Area Students Receive $8,500 in Scholarships from Elks Lodge



The Lamar Elks Lodge, #1319 and the National Elks Foundation, awarded $8,500 in scholarships to southeast Colorado students during an awards dinner, Monday, May 2, as National Youth Week is being observed.

Twenty-one elementary school youngsters participated in the Americanism essay contest, submitting a short theme of what being an American meant to them. Division One students included: Bryce Grahn, Lexie Bond, Madison Wells, Payton Bond, Shauna Adams, Colton Crawford, Brooklyn Blundell, Dominick Mills, Cassie Bond, Austin Hall, Maddie Buxton, Alayna Barnes, Carlos Chihuahua, Shania Jo Running Rabbit, Baillie Kee, Bryton Buxton, Sebastian Austin, Alyssa Mongaray, Paige Burton, Kalen Smith and Andres Guevara. Jeb Shroder and Allyson Grahan from Division 2, Vilas Middle School, received checks for $25 and were moved into district competition. Division One students included Brooklyn Blundell, 3rd place from Vilas, Bryton Buxton, 2nd place from Lincoln school and Emily Aragon, 1st place from Fowler. Southern District winners included: Shania Jo Running Rabbit, Mariah Smith, Emily Aragon, Hannah Cesar, Bryton Buxton and Brooklyn Blundell.

Four Lamar Students of the Year were recognized: Hector Alvarado and Payton Kee from the middle school, and Nolan Anderson and Susie Lira from the high school.

The evening ended with the presentation of scholarship funds with the Lamar Elks Lodge contributing $3,500, the CEA award was valued at $1,000 and the Elks National Foundation of $4,000. The Foundation recipient was Jared Smartt of Lamar, who received a total of $5,000 in scholarship funding. Remington Stocking of Lamar, Bailey King of Eads, Taylor Wilson of Wiley and Laken Alley of Walsh each received $400 from the local Elks Lodge. Savannah Thompson of Walsh received $200, Madison Dorenkamp of Lamar, Sydney Curley of McClave and Nissi Hallman of Eads each received $400 in scholarship funding from the Lamar Lodge as well. Jim Bradley, Head Trustee and Elks Scholarship Chairman said the National Award had not been presented to a southeast Colorado student in many years.


By Russ Baldwin


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