Spring Fishing in S.E. Colorado from DOW

“Anglers are getting their gear out to go after crappie, bass, wipers, walleyes, catfish and other warmwater species,” said Jim Ramsay, the Colorado Division of Wildlife aquatic biologist for the lower Arkansas River Basin. “Based on our sampling results and incremental stocking, anglers in the southeast part of the state should be in for a good season.”

Ramsay said the Division has undertaken several projects to improving fishing in the region including repairs to the dam at Two Buttes Reservoir, which is dry at this time. The repairs will allow for increased water storage in the future.

Here is an abbreviated summary of Ramsay’s 2011 fishing forecast for the lower Arkansas basin.

Turks Pond (55 acres)
Located on the Turks Pond State Wildlife Area in Baca County near the town of Two Buttes. This winter, the DOW supplemented water from an existing well with additional water from a neighboring farm. The result is water levels high enough to resume boat launching from the ramp. Boaters are restricted to electric motors only.

Nee Noshe Reservoir (about 250 acres)
Fishery management will cease at Nee Noshe until the lake is refilled.

Nee Gronde Reservoir (1,200 acres)
The waterfowl resting closure has been lifted at Nee Gronde Reservoir and it is open for recreational use. Surface use is limited to hand-launched vessels only. The ramps are unusable and the shoreline is inappropriate for trailer-launched vessels.

John Martin Reservoir (currently about 3,800 acres)
As an irrigation storage lake, fluctuating water levels continue to provide a rapidly changing lake environment. Fishing success rates were high at John Martin in 2010 for walleye, saugeye and white bass. Other species that provided good action included drum, catfish, smallmouth bass, and crappie.

Fishing in 2011 is again expected to be very good. The best fishing usually occurs during the spring months (mid April-June). The most abundant game fish species are walleye, saugeye, white bass, and channel catfish. Boat inspections are required to prevent aquatic invasive species. Boat anglers should call John Martin State Park or view their website for details on the boat inspection schedule. Anglers can also contact John Martin Reservoir State Park or check the DOW fishing report on the internet for the latest fishing conditions.

Two Buttes Reservoir (Currently Dry)

Thurston Reservoir (100 – 200 acres)
Thurston remained relatively full throughout 2010. Current water deals are in progress that will hopefully ensure good water levels for the immediate future. Thurston has been stocked annually since 2006. Shore access is very limited at Thurston. Anglers should plan on wading, belly boating, or using small watercraft to fish Thurston.

Midwestern Farms Pond (35 acres)
Midwestern Farms Pond is a 35-acre lake leased by the Colorado Division of Wildlife. It is located on Highway 50 between the towns of Granada and Holly at the Midwestern Farms gravel operation. This gravel pit pond is fairly deep (over 50 feet) and has shoreline access for anglers along the west side of the pond. Anglers can fish between the marked parking areas only.

Upper Queens Reservoir and Timber Lake
Upper Queens and Timber Lake are currently dry. These lakes will be restocked when conditions allow.


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