LCC Completing Accreditation Renewal

Final action will be taken next week for Lamar Community College to receive its three-year accreditation renewal.  Lamar Community College president John Marrin is one of four persons from the college who will present the final paperwork to the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  Marrin said he expects to receive word on the renewal by July.  “Our on-campus review was perfect,” he said, adding, “we are in good shape for our presentation before the committee.”  Marrin said it’s an almost year-long paperwork process, documenting achievements and setting new future goals for the college.

The president said financial aid is dependent on the accreditation, and in these times of a tighter economy, federal groups pay closer attention to the standards laid out by the accrediting agencies.

Lack of financing makes it more difficult to offer aid to students who need help and no accreditation makes it almost impossible to transfer credits for graduating students.  Marrin said that lack also hurts the college’s chances of attracting more students.

Some future goals for LCC include construction of a 12 unit, apartment-like residence to house 24 students.  Every two apartments will be connected to a bathroom suite.  Groundbreaking should start this summer, Marrin believes, and says the apartment might be located in the sand-volleyball courts.

LCC students will take part in a new soccer program this fall.  President Marrin said although still sanctioned, it will be more of a club to start and as the program develops, a woman’s league is expected to be added next year.  The games will take place on Escondido Park and at the high school soccer field, adjacent to Yucca Street in Lamar.


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