Lamar Sewer Fees Adjusted for Overcharges

A billing oversight is being corrected for 199 Lamar residents. Since January, 2011, they had been charged a sewer fee for services not received. The billing error combined their water and sewer fees when they should have been separated according to use. Lamar city treasurer, Linda Rohlman, said those residents would have their March bills credited the $3.50 per month on the repayment loan fee. For all 199 customers, the city has to pay back $1,393. Rohlman said those affected probably had their own septic systems and were mostly residents of rural Lamar.

The repayment loan fees have been included in our monthly bills for the water and sewer infrastructure projects that have been underway in Lamar, upgrading an antiquated water delivery system. The fee totals $9 a month for both services and just $5.50 for water. The two major projects to date included the installation of 24 inch pipelines that deliver water to Lamar. One old line was replaced and a new one situated along highway 287/385 was added, allowing water into the city from two sources, instead of only one. The other project was the construction of a new lift station near the city’s industrial park which recently came on-line in March.


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