Granada Trustees Discuss XY Canal Right of Way

The Granada Trustees held an open session this past Wednesday evening, as the board was short one member of holding an official meeting. Mayor Baca said no formal action could be taken, but the meeting would stay open in respect to audience members who wished to address the trustees.

Jr. Vasquez informed the board of his plans to install a paint booth inside his body shop building. He said he will be code compliant and has hired an employee who is state certified for handling and disposal of paint products. Vasquez asked if there were any city ordinances which his new business would have to meet. Trustee Venturi said the city followed the state guidelines and those would suffice. The new addition would also be inspected to make sure the fire codes were being followed. Vasquez said there was no exact date when the paint shop would be in operation.

Don Higbee, representing LAWMA, Lower Arkansas Water Management Authority, discussed ownership of the right-of-way of water in the XY Canal which flows through Granada. Although the canal is dry, the right of way still exists, and LAWMA wanted to present it to Granada. Higbee said there are two water rights owners who are willing to trade their right of way for LAWMA shares, and one water rights owner, who owns a small percentage, has shown no intention of making the trade. The trustees discussed responsibility for annual clean up of weeds and trash in the ditch.

Michael Martin introduced himself and family to the trustees, stating he was inquiring about the community building as a site for future non-denominational church meetings…two on Sunday and one on Wednesdays. Martin said he’s a long-lived resident of the area and a special needs teacher at Parkview School in Lamar. He also owns Mike’s Hometown BBQ, and has been in the ministry for several years, including two years at the former Troll House in Las Animas and has an affiliation to Victory World Outreach Ministries. The trustees said they could not commit the community building to his needs, based on the amount of time it is used by other community residents, and they could not ask them to reschedule their events around the church’s. The trustees discussed alternative locations with Martin and said they would try to help him obtain a workable solution.

The trustees, Jackie Malone, Bob Cook and Chief Dougherty discussed which roads in Granada need chip sealing. Malone said a mile’s worth of work costs $16,792 and the city had $15,000 budgeted for the projects, and asked Cook and Dougherty to compile a needs list. Hoisington and streets connecting to Cottonwood were mentioned. Cook said he would see to straightening a speed limit sign on Hoisington that keeps getting backed into. A make up meeting has been set for April 27 for the trustees.

By Russ Baldwin

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