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Changes Coming for Analog TVs
Press Release from Prowers County Administrator

Residents of Prowers County who get their TV from the Colorado Springs and Pueblo “over the air” channels 53, 55, 57 and 59 will be facing changes in the very near future. Viewers who currently get their signals “over the air,” using a rooftop antenna or rabbit ears, will have to make some adjustments — either obtain a DTV converter box to change the digital signal to analog, or buy a digital TV set. Residents who receive satellite service or cable services are not impacted. Only those viewers who currently get their signals “over the air” (channels 53, 55, 57 and 59) will be impacted.

Those who have not purchased a DTV converter box need to do so. You will need to purchase one box for every analog TV in your house. We recommend a “pass-thru” model which will work with both analog and digital signals. Those who have a digital-ready TV will be able to receive DTV without utilizing a converter box. If you currently have a digital-ready TV you will not need to purchase a box but simply rescan available channels.

The Federal Government is providing reimbursement funds to help fund this conversion. Without these funds the County would have been responsible for 100% of the cost.

During this conversion your “over the air” TV service will be interrupted for a few days. This should happen before April 15, 2011. We will keep you posted as the actual conversion day approaches.

Thank you.


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