Seeing Red in February, for Good Health

Linked in Health, a community partnership for health promotion sponsored by High Plains Community Health Center, Prowers Medical Center, Dr Ray’s Office and Prowers County Public Health will be raising awareness about heart health by promoting multiple events and education opportunities during February, National Heart Month. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of Americans yet it is often preventable. We are reaching out to the city, county, schools, and area businesses to help spread this important message in our community by asking folks to participate in the “Lamar Goes Red” campaign. Each agency or business can make a unique plan that works for them. Red & hearts work great for Valentine promotions, but we want to take it step further to remind one another to make choices for a heart-healthy life. Some suggestions for “Lamar Goes Red” include:

· Red bulbs in outdoor lighting

· Red displays in windows

· Red ribbons & signage

· Employees all wear red on designated day(s)

· Red snacks for employees & customers

We will provide red flyers outlining the month’s events to display in offices & businesses. If you are interested, need more info, or to request red flyers, please contact Monette or Karl at 336-0261 or Karen at 336-5147.

10 choices to a heart-healthy life:

1. Get regular checkups.

2. Know your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers.

3. Follow your doctor’s recommendations for diet and exercise.

4. Take prescribed medications as directed.

5. If you smoke, quit now.

6. Get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day.

7. Eat a heart-healthy diet, including fruits and vegetables, whole-grain foods and fish.

8. Limit food high in saturated fats and cholesterol.

9. Average Americans should limit daily salt intake to no more than 2,300 milligrams (about a teaspoon) per day.

10. If you drink alcohol, drink in moderation — an average of no more than one drink a day for non-pregnant women.

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