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Prowers County Sheriff’s Office Candidate Announcement for 2014

My name is Dave Reid and I have a vision for Lamar and Prowers County. I would like to tell you a little about myself, before we talk about my vision. I grew up in Newell, South Dakota which is an agricultural area very similar to Lamar. I learned the importance of honesty, integrity, and responsibility at an early age. I began working at a young age completing chores on our family farm.

I have called Lamar home since marrying Heather (Hoy) Reid 14 years ago. Heather has lived in Lamar for more than 20 years and is a long time employee at a local dentist’s office. We have two children, Cailey and Nathaniel, who love to call Lamar their home. I am a member of the First Baptist Church where I have the honor of serving as a Deacon. In other words, Lamar and Prowers County is my home.

Prior to becoming a police officer, I worked in the construction industry. While there, I learned that time is money and the importance of doing a job right the first time. I have taken the values I learned as a child and as a young man and applied them in my approach as a police officer. I understand that government and particularly law enforcement’s role is to assist the citizens and visitors of our community in being safe and secure in their person’s and homes.

I became a sworn police officer for the City of Lamar on December 7, 2003. I have proudly served my community in several facets of law enforcement including patrol, field training officer, investigations, and drug enforcement. In 2008 I was assigned to a drug enforcement team which made fifty-six narcotic arrests in eight months. I have placed an emphasis on education and have participated in training classes provided by the FBI, DEA, and the CBI for criminal investigations. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree with Ashford University. I was promoted to Sergeant in 2008 and currently serve as the Administrative Sergeant for the PD which has further developed my career with administrative challenges.

My experiences, as a member of the community and as a law enforcement officer, have taught me the meaning of community policing. It has also given me the vision of which I spoke earlier in this letter. Community policing is important in rural areas. It means the community and law enforcement work together to make this a safe place to live for our families. It means that law enforcement must adapt to best serve the needs and problems we encounter in our specific community. I believe that government agencies, especially law enforcement agencies, need to work together and assist one another for the betterment of the community. Law enforcement is about protecting victims, but it is also about insuring that everyone’s rights are protected. As a law enforcement officer, we usually get only one chance to make a case. We need to do our jobs correctly the first time. We need to be as efficient as possible as we are the custodians of the public’s trust. We also have to maintain a high level of integrity and never, ever forfeit our values or values of our neighbors.

Now you know the vision I have for all of the residents of Prowers County. After long deliberations, my family and I have concluded that the best way to see my vision become reality is to seek the office of Sheriff of Prowers County in the 2014 election. I would hope that you share my vision for professional law enforcement and that you will support me during the upcoming election.

Sgt. Dave Reid

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