Fire Department Incident Reports October 8, 2013

Fire Truck 3

Tuesday, October 1

At 5:53 pm on October 1, fire personnel were dispatched to 411 North 1st Street in Lamar on report of arcing, shorted electrical equipment.  Upon arrival at the scene, fire personnel found all occupants outside the house.  They entered the building and found an outlet above the sink.  Using a non contact voltage detector, they found that the outlet was still energized.  The outlet had scorch marks and light melting around the prongs of the outlet.  Fire personnel asked the occupant where the breaker box was located and the occupant led him down the hallway to the back bedroom.  In the bedroom, dog feces covered the floor by the electrical box and due to the unhealthy living environment the responders left the household for safety reasons.  Lamar Light and Power was called to remove the power meter until an electrician was able to repair the outlet.  Responders waited with an ABC fire extinguisher outside the house until Lamar Light and Power removed the meter.  The owner of the property never arrived at the scene while fire personnel were present.  The occupant was advised that the power would remain off until an electrician repaired the outlet.

Saturday, October 5

At 2:35 am on October 5, fire personnel were dispatched to an alarm system sounding at 1106 Parkview Street in Lamar.  Upon arrival at the scene, fire personnel found the resident at the door with Lamar PD.  The resident was unaware that her fire alarm had been activated.  After inspecting the alarm system it was determine that the resident might have a faulty detector.  When fire personnel arrived there was no audible alarm and the warning light in the apartment was off.

At 9:18 pm on October 5, fire personnel were dispatched to a smoke scare at 108 Division in Lamar.  Engine 2 responded to the smell of acid in the area.  Upon arrival fire personnel investigated the area and were unable to smell acid or find any area where the smell was strong or concentrated.  Fire personnel noted that there was a smell of week killer in the area.

Monday, October 7

At 6:10 pm on October 7, fire personnel were dispatched to 206 East Cedar in Lamar on report of a fire alarm.  Upon arrival at the scene, fire personnel found no outward appearance of fire. Volunteer Shelby Otto informed that this call was a false alarm caused by burned food.  The residence was investigated by Engineer Kemp and no fire was found.

At 6:36pm on October 7, fire personnel were dispatched to a general fire alarm in the basement of the Alamo Apartment Complex located at 322 South Main Street in Lamar.  Upon arrival, fire personnel found no outward appearance of fire and bystanders informed that there was no fire and that this would be a false alarm.  Upon investigation, no active fire was found in any of the basement rooms but there was a hot smell in the elevator room.  The elevator room was examined with the Thermal Imaging Camera and no abnormal heat was found.  The hot smell dissipated after adequate air flow was supplied to the fuse box via removal of the cover.  Deputy Chief Leonard reset the alarm and noted that the elevator doors would not reset. Further attempts to reset the elevator doors were unsuccessful.

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