Letter to the Editor: Dear Citizens of Prowers County

Land Owners United (LOU) bylaws prohibit endorsing political candidates.  However, we are certainly allowed to verify “facts”.  As you are probably aware JILLANE HIXSON is a candidate for Prowers County Commissioner, and we would like to verify Jillane Hixson’s involvement with LOU’s efforts, and offer no endorsement, no brag;  just FACT. 

Jillane Hixson, a founding board member of Land Owners United, has been a tremendous asset to the organization since it was formed in 2008 to defend Conservation Easements.  Through the years Jillane Hixson has been tenacious and absolutely key in organizing nearly 400 land owners (across the state), to defend assaults of the state agencies.  She was fearless in giving voice to the land owners’ plight; meeting with various politicians (county, state & national), testifying at the State Capitol, and engaging County Commissioners throughout S/E Colorado in support of land owners. 

Furthermore, I’ll add that contrary to recently reported statements made by a Prowers County Commissioner, (now seeking re-election); when LOU members asked the Prowers County Commissioners to take specific actions to support their constituents (120 land-owners), they backed away while the Otero and Crowley County Commissioners did not hesitate to stand with land owners at the State Capitol. 

J.D. Wright, Land Owners United – President
Olney Springs, Colorado 81062

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