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Letter to Editor: 

The documentary 2016:  Obama’s America; Love Him; Hate Him; But, You Don’t Know Him” can be seen this week on PPV on Directv and Dish ($4.99). Registered voters must see this researched film which tells how America is at a cross-road.

First of all, watch for several key issues:  discussion of Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father (Obama, Sr. who was a Kenyan socialist/anticapitalist); Obama’s birthright; The United States of Islam (the Middle Eastern countries), and perhaps,  most telling are Obama’s Founding Fathers.  Not people you would expect. . .  

Even though people may have voted for Obama so they wouldn’t be called racists, think for a moment.  If a white man with only two years of experience ran for president, he wouldn’t have been elected with such little experience. Perhaps you’re thinking that this documentary was researched by a white person, but here’s the fact.   D’Souza, an immigrant from India, traveled to Hawaii, Kenya, and Indonesia to obtain background information.  D’Souza, a Dartmouth graduate, wrote a dozen books, some which appeared on the New York Times best list.  He currently serves as the president of The King’s College, NYC, so this is not a person who ‘has an ax to grind’.

    Next, in 2008 Obama stated when people didn’t want to explain situations; they resorted to ‘nit-picking’ about unimportant details.  Interesting how four years have changed Obama.  Remember when he said he’d cut the deficit in half?  Interesting how that changed.  Remember how Obama stated that he’d cut the unemployment rate?  Interesting how that changed.  Remember the speeches from 2008 and remember Obama’s speeches now.  Interesting how those words changed in four years.

   Americans must decide the type of government, freedoms or lack of freedom, in this year’s election.  Woodrow Wilson said, “Liberty has never come from government.  Liberty has always come from the  subjects of it.  The history of liberty is a history of resistance.  The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it.”

Verna Ruddick
Lamar, CO


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