To Our Readers—Re: “This Account Has Been Suspended”


To Our Readers—Re: “This Account Has Been Suspended”     

The Prowers Journal is alive and well!  We wish our internet provider could have selected a better choice of words to say that we went beyond our CPU limits due to the number of hits and content on our website.  That’s what caused your disconnect on Thursday, April 12. 

Readers familiar with The Prowers Journal online have noticed over the past few months, there have been times when you could not connect with us.  Same problem as April 12, only this time it was described differently. 

We’re aware of the problem and have been working on a solution which will eventually transform into different looking pages and a new general format since we started our online publication in February 2011.  Not a 100% change, but something similar and we hope, better.  So bear with us.  But be prepared for a different looking Prowers Journal online in the near future.  We’re excited about it and we’ll give you a heads up when we’re ready to make those improvements to your online Prowers Journal. 

Thanks for your patience,

Russ Baldwin


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