Letter to the Editor–Just Say No to New Health Care Tax



To My Patients, Friends, Colleagues, and Members of the Tax District, 

                The Hospital Board of Directors and the Therapy services of Physical, OT, ST, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services, have done a great job in pulling PMC out of the financial crisis of a few years ago. 

                However, during times of a down economy and when families are struggling to put gas in their car, it is not the time to ask taxpayers for more support and especially when the services to be upgraded are working successfully at a high level of efficiency. 

                Also, the services of PT, OT, and ST are provided by other businesses in the area.  It is unfair for the PMC to ask for tax dollars to be able to compete more effectively with these businesses. 

                What PMC needs to do is concentrate on inpatient services, not therapy and outpatient.  The PMC Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has been abandoned and therapy and rehabilitation have taken over that space.  Patients who used to be taken care of here for certain serious illnesses are now transferred. 

                Patients who are transferred endure a long transport with some involved risk and an expensive bill.  Patients who are transferred do not always get the best care.  I have heard doctors at the receiving hospital comment “Why couldn’t they take care of the problem in Lamar.” 

                PMC does a great job with rehabilitation services.  We need to now concentrate on rebuilding our ability to care for sick and injured people here and rebuild the ICU to reestablish a degree of critical care. 

                We also serve as an educational home for LCC and those student nurses deserve a well rounded educational experience, including some critical care, ventilator and trauma care.  Those students must now travel to Pueblo for that training. 

                Earl Steinhoff was a great administrator and also a critical care nurse.  In Earl’s memory we need to reestablish a degree of critical care. 

                Please vote no on new taxes to support rehabilitation services.  PMC may eventually ask for tax help with building an ICU and reestablish critical care, and that would be very beneficial to the families and citizens of the tax district. 

John Abbott D.O.
32475 Road 20 South
asty, CO 80144
336 – 0261



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