King of the Hill

 Not many people noticed a brief visitor to Lamar Wednesday morning, as he was perched about 100 feet up, checking out his surroundings.
An eagle-eyed resident and employee of the Pit Stop in Lamar called our office to let us know that what might have been a bald eagle was sitting atop the defunct radio tower in back of Randle Realty off East Olive Street.  We don’t know how long the bird had been there, but after viewing what was going on to his west, he gave a little push off the tower, spread his wings and kissed the sky.

He started circling at about 400 or 500 feet in the blue morning sky, banking north, and in the blink of an eye, had crossed the river and was heading for parts unknown.  If anyone who knows their watchable wildlife, help us identify this type of bird.  The intriguing aspect, and perhaps identifiable mark is the band dark across its eyes
By Russ Baldwin

Editor”s Note:  Thanks to Susan Crites and Jill Smith for their input on our facebook page in identifying the bird as an Osprey, aka a Seahawk or fishhawk.  You’d think I’d remember them from seeing their nests along the Connecticut shoreline when I was growing up.


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