July 2011, Prowers County Sheriff Report

The Prowers County Sheriff’s Office responded to 334 calls for service in July 2011. Lamar led all other towns in the county with 133 calls, followed by 36 in Holly and 23 in Wiley. Of the Lamar calls, 39 were jail related and 11 for warrant arrests. There were no calls in those categories for Holly and one fraud/forgery case in Wiley. The county received 129 cals for service of which 32 were traffic related, four for theft, five for civil disputes and 10 for animal problems. No criminal summonses were issued, but sheriff’s deputies had 28 traffic citations and summonses and 63 warning tickets.

Eleven new cases were assigned for investigations and 17 cases were cleared by the Sheriff’s department. This resulted in 21 charges being file due to the investigations and eight are still active. Bookings for July 2011 for men and women were almost equal in number with 2010. 71 men were booked in 2010 and 74 in 2011 for a YTD total of 493. 22 women were booked in July 2010 and 21 for this past July for YTD numbers of 153. Eleven inmates were reported to ICE officials. Inmate meal expenses for July were $10,213.91 and medical expenses came to $3,413.04 for the same period. Average number of inmates for July was 45 and 47, for average year to date. Expenses for July amounted to $160,748.36 compared to YTD of $1,999,675. July revenue was $26,429.16, compared to YTD of $198,570.48.

There were 6,346 people screened by courthouse security officers in July 2011, for a daily average of 317. The Sheriff’s Office reported that Det. J. Parker and Deputy Palacios received a report of an unknown person using the reporting person’s Social Security Number for employment. The IRS was demanding delinquent taxes from the victim. Deputies were able to track down a 30 year old suspect in Denver and obtained a warrant for her arrest. Det. T. Weisenhorn developed information that led to the search and recovery of several grams of cocaine from a Lamar residence and the arrest of three Lamar residents for the possession of cocaine and with intent to distribute.


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